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DLM is an initiative undertaken by MCMC to promote and accelerate the development and adoption of applications and services.

The Internet of Things is a web in which gadgets, machines, products, devices & inanimate objects share information in new ways, in real time.

The focused ecosystems in this period are Connected Healthcare, Traceability for food and drug, People Friendly Commuting; and Home & Community Living.

Digital Lifestyle eco-system development is promoted based on a model of collaboration or partnership with the industry.

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Bluetooth eBooks Facilities

This smart application works on the principles of geo-fencing location targeted technology operating via a Bluetooth beacon signal that communicates with your eSentral smart phone application allowing you to access a targeted virtual library of ebooks for borrowing.   Bluetooth beacon is a passive marker responding with bluetooh 4.0 devices. What it does is it allows marking of geo-location with specific diameter (15meters/30meters/etc) that corresponds with the mobile app.

It is a product developed by Xentral Methods which runs a complete ebook ecosystem from e-Studio authoring tool, to Digital Rights Management Server, Digital Library Lending System, eReader Applications and supporting publishers including self-publishing.

Aplikasi pintar ini berfungsi menerusi teknologi geo fencing dimana lokasi yang ditetapkan akan diletakkan Bluetooth beacon yang akan memberikan signal kepada pengguna telefon pintar yang mempunyai aplikasi eSentral untuk mengakses perpustakaan maya bagi meminjam buku. Bluetooth beacon ini  merupakan peranti yang diletakkan secara tetap di sesuatu tempat dan boleh berinteraksi dengan  mana-mana peranti Bluetooth 4.0 mengikut jarak khusus yang telah ditetapkan (pusat (15meters / 30meters / dan sebagainya).

Ianya adalah merupakan  satu produk yang dibangunkan oleh  
Xentral Methods yang menjalankan ekosistem e-buku dari studio elektronik, Digital Rights Management Server, Sistem Pinjaman Buku Digital, aplikasi e-Pembaca dan juga mengetengahkan karya yang diterbitkan sendiri oleh penulis.

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