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Ten-year old wins junior Sumo robot competition


The Star Online, Monday 21 November 2016.

When you think of a Sumo competition, you might imagine big, burly Japanese guys trying to push each other out of an arena, but 10-year old Hoo Seong Zhen is just the opposite, being decidedly slight of build.

Of course, when the competition involves remote-controlled Sumo robots, then you understand why Hoo doesn’t have the physique normally associated with Sumo wrestlers.

The ten-year old student of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Sin Hua from Negeri Sembilan won the under-12 Sumo Robot Junior category of the myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016.

In the challenge, students from various schools build self-contained remote-controlled robots and pit them in battles to push their opponents out of a specified area.

The Sumo Robot challenge is just one of a number of categories in the myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016 organised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, supported by the Malaysia Robotics Engineering Association, myMaker Association and the Education Ministry.

The entire event saw a total of 206 teams from all categories with over 60 different schools, institutes and universities competing in various categories such as Combat Robot, Tower Conquer and Tower Defence, amongst others.

In the Sumo Robot Junior category that Hoo was competing in, there were a total of 43 participants split into 28 teams, with each team made up of anything from one to three members.

Hoo, as the sole member of his team built his winning Sumo robot out of a basic robot set with modifications made under the guidance of his tutor from RobotLab at the Pusat Kemahiran Robotik in Seremban 2.

The win netted Hoo a trophy and RM300 prize money.



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