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DLM is an initiative undertaken by MCMC to promote and accelerate the development and adoption of applications and services.

The Internet of Things is a web in which gadgets, machines, products, devices & inanimate objects share information in new ways, in real time.

The focused ecosystems in this period are Connected Healthcare, Traceability for food and drug, People Friendly Commuting; and Home & Community Living.

Digital Lifestyle eco-system development is promoted based on a model of collaboration or partnership with the industry.

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'Mother of all digital fairs' opening soon

CYBERJAYA: The Digital Lifestyle Expo (DLE) 2013 – dubbed the mother of all digital fairs – will be opening at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Aug 23-25.
Estimated to draw over 200,000 visitors, the mammoth fair will look into pushing Malaysia towards becoming a more digital society, with the focus on more than just electronic devices.
“This will be the mother of all digital fairs,” said National ICT Association of Malaysia (Pikom) chairman Woon Tai Hai.
He said that though Malaysians had growing access to telecommunication devices, this did not mean that they were using technologies to the fullest.
“Right now, we’re focused on social media, surfing and Facebook. What we’re trying to do is develop the ecosystem in a bigger way,” he said.
The fair is a cooperation between the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Pikom’s PC Fair and mobile exhibition GoMobile.
There will be 394 booths at DLE2013, which will take up five convention halls on the centre’s ground floor.
Among DLE2013’s highlights, according to MCMC Industry Regulation chief officer Toh Swee Hoe, would be exhibits such as a remote patient monitoring system, which doctors could use to check patients without the latter having to leave home.
Another, he said, would be the Community Fabrication Laboratory, which people could use to 3D-print any object they design.
Toh said DLE2013 was also there to spearhead a Malaysian digital lifestyle, adding that Malaysia would fall behind in technologies if the Government were to go business as usual.
On the mobile side, Commtechasia director Kashminder Singh said a halal app would be featured which would help Muslim investors to check if a company they were interested in was Syariah-compliant.

Source: thestar.com.my

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