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GrabTaxi and Uber vie for Manila users' love with helicopter rides

#UberChopper? #GrabHeli? The two ride-booking and sharing companies have come up with similar promotions set to take place this month

The fierce fight between Malaysia-based ride-booking and sharing firm GrabTaxi and its
US-based competitorUber continues with both companies launching free helicopter ride
promotions in Manila in the Philippines.

Uber’s #UberCHOPPER promotion will take place from 8 AM to 10 AM this November 21, 
having released all details about it on its company blog, while GrabTaxi’s #GrabHeli event
will happen on November 24, according to an image shared by a number of local celebrities.

Cheryl Goh, Group VP of Marketing, GrabTaxi, told e27 that the company is “still in ‘teaser’
mode” and that more details will be revealed next Tuesday.

Uber is no stranger to the helicopter game, given that it has launched its helicopter booking
service UberCHOPPER in multiple locations in the past, including Hong Kong, where it
charged HK$1,800 (about US$232) for a ride

For users in Manila interested in the upcoming event, however, it’s all free. Karun Arya,
Communications Lead – South Asia & India, Uber, confirmed that the entire experience
– from booking an UberBLACK ride to and from the helipad, and the helicopter ride itself
– will come at no cost.

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“We expect demand to be sky high,” said Arya to e27, adding that the firm expects to be
able to fulfill eight to 10 flights in the two-hour promotional period.

The promotion does come with a few terms and conditions, so interested users should
check those out before swiping to the UberCHOPPER option on the app:

  • When you request, make sure you and your friends are at the same
    pick-up location and ready to go. Your car will only pick up at one location
    and will wait a maximum of 5 minutes.

  • Strictly limited to 3 passengers per flight (you plus 2 of your friends)

  • UberCHOPPER will fly a fixed 10-minute route– you will not be able to
    request your own destination

  • Refreshments will be provided and you’ll get a free UberBLACK ride to
    take you back home once you’re done

  • All fliers must be at least 18 years or older and should be a Filipino citizen

  • You must bring a Philippine government-issued ID indicating your
    date of birth (Please have your Philippine ID with you or you will not be
    allowed to board the flight)

  • Uber is not a direct air carrier

  • All air services advertised will be provided free of charge by Airtrav.
    Uber has no responsibility or liability for any transportation services
    provided to you by third party providers.

  • If the weather doesn’t permit, UberCHOPPER will be rescheduled to
    a later date

In a separate e-mail, Arya said that the UberCHOPPER promo is just that and “is not the 
processor to a permanent service.”


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