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Edible bird's nest export to hit 130 tonnes by year-end

Edible bird's nests.

Edible bird's nests.

by: Royce Tan

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia produces about 350 tonnes of edible bird's nest annually, and some 130 tonnes is expected to be exported by the end of the year, said Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) deputy director-general (veterinary health) Datuk Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan Nizam.

"The edible bird's nest industry is growing and last year itself, the country exported 105 tonnes to various countries.

"We're exporting some 12 tonnes in the form of raw, clean bird's nest to China.

"We have a programme where we're trying to export raw, unclean bird's nest to China.

"Only about 25% of edible bird's nest production goes for further process value adding, whereas about 50% goes under raw, unclean and 25% raw, clean.

"We're trying to increase the 25% to 50% to penetrate more markets," he told a press conference after the Swiftlet Eco Park Group 12th anniversary dinner.

Dr Quaza added that the Middle East, US and Europe differ from the Chinese market so industry players have to look at different ways of selling their products rather than just look at raw, clean and raw unclean edible bird's nests.

The value of edible bird's nest now is around RM7,000 per kilo.

Dr Quaza stressed that all swiftlet farming premises are registered in the DVS system and a full traceability system is in place to ensure the bird's nests from Malaysia are of good quality.

"For example, when we export the bird's nest to other countries, it has a special sticker with a PIN and a code which can be scanned and traced to its source.

" We want to ensure the importance of food safety, from the farm to the table," Dr Quaza said.

Deputy Agricultural and Agro-Based Industries Minister Anthony Nogeh Gumbek, who was also present, said the bird's nest industry is recognised as one of the high-value industries, with the Government placing it under one of the entry point projects in the Economic Transformation Programme.

Click: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/09/04/dept-edible-birds-nest-export-to-hit-130-tonnes-by-yearend/

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