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DLM is an initiative undertaken by MCMC to promote and accelerate the development and adoption of applications and services.

The Internet of Things is a web in which gadgets, machines, products, devices & inanimate objects share information in new ways, in real time.

The focused ecosystems in this period are Connected Healthcare, Traceability for food and drug, People Friendly Commuting; and Home & Community Living.

Digital Lifestyle eco-system development is promoted based on a model of collaboration or partnership with the industry.

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IoT platform & services

• Promote Internet of Things in Malaysia
• An IoT platform supported by DLM, MCMC
• Targeted for research & development, schools, universities and IoT startups
• A platform for “Proof of Concept” of IoT ideas
• Raise awareness & education about IoT

• Receiving IoT sensor data
• MQTT server/broker, the IoT protocol
• Web-sockets for web based applications
• Easy to use charts, gauges and mapping
• Easy to use flow based programming
• Easy to use js graphing
• Database for storing sensor data

• MCMC myMaker own IoT server/services
• Centralised server for sensor data
• Flow based programming
• Data manipulation of sensor data
• Data collection for future analysis

Visit myMaker.io HERE

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