Did You Know?

DLM is an initiative undertaken by MCMC to promote and accelerate the development and adoption of applications and services.

The Internet of Things is a web in which gadgets, machines, products, devices & inanimate objects share information in new ways, in real time.

The focused ecosystems in this period are Connected Healthcare, Traceability for food and drug, People Friendly Commuting; and Home & Community Living.

Digital Lifestyle eco-system development is promoted based on a model of collaboration or partnership with the industry.

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MyMaker Overview

MyMaker is an initiative to raise public awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) development for tech enthusiastics, educators, thinkers and students. The platform will provide makers society to be creative and innovative towards a smart digital nation in the areas of 3D printing, drone, embedded system, electronic, virtual reality, IoT programming and many other areas. Come to join our myMaker community – “NowEveryOneCanMake”

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